Bathero Sanitary LLP.

BATHERO Group is one of the leading company for sanitary ware manufacturers with a history of producing high end and innovative products. we based in Morbi with our own manufacturing plant over 33675 Sq.Mtr. Our focus is to designing concepts and customization to give shape of innovative and perfect products.

The extensive product range with quality and design to match the global standards is a vision of BATHERO. Latest technology coupled with highly trained and innovative expert team drive us towards innovative products which full fill desires of our customers.

Our commitment of continuous improvement in quality touches every aspect of our products, services and customer support.

  • Our Designing Creativity
    The miniature of classic design and expression to practicability.
  • Our Quick Service
    one stop service, with exclusive sales around the globe. our products comes with 10 years of warranty.
  • Our High End Products
    The customization and craftsmanship of products makes you a comfort experience.
  • Our Ultimate Target
    Our target is to be the best of the best sanitary ware manufacturer.

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